When the ocean is calm, you become transfixed with the vastness before your very eyes. A feeling of empowerment grows as you absorb the natural beauty of the sea.The body sways with each subtle wave, matching the rhythm of the shifting tides. Then the unexpected comes, gently awakening something from within.

Feel time and sound fade away. Your body adapts to this feeling, carrying you into a euphoric trance. Smiling is inevitable, taking the shape of a breaking wave. Its embrace,
rewarding you with a sweet taste at the mouth.

This feeling teaches you about how to be. Because it is the sea, and the sea has always been the sea. One of the most powerful forces in the world. Softly calling to you from a place known only to you. A place from within this euphoria. Looking into your soul through the windows of your eyes, to the tranquil seas within.

Photo: Demian Jacob
Models: Uyl Neto & Artur Figueiredo
Styling: Antonio Schuback
Writer: Gabriel Miranda

Location: Guanabara Bay - RJ